A-1 moving company

A-1 Moving Company in Moorhead, MN | 3575 40th St S, Moorhead, MN
2252 Peppers Ferry Rd
Christiansburg, VA 24073
(540) 251-3386

I needed to move my son from Virginia Tech to Purdue and after researching moving companies, quickly became horrified by how many scammers are out there giving a lowball price and holding you hostage by not moving you without a last minute upcharge. The owner of A1 was honest, professional and was able to do the work quickly at a great price. They were on time, friendly and my son said they 'killed it'. The price paid was exactly what was quoted. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I am very happy to have found them and even happier to get the good word out. It's pretty difficult to find a moving company with good reviews that hold up after a little research. I would recommend A1 in a heartbeat. Thanks guys!

Excellent family owned business! The group of guys were on time (early infact) and got right to work! They were careful with all of my items and made sure to place them exactly where I wanted them! They were a great help!!! I will be using them again in the future to move some furniture. If you need reliable trustworthy movers, A-1 movers is your group!

A-1 movers did a great job moving all of my things from a storage unit into two U-Haul pods to be shipped across the country. I was a little uncomfortable driving the big U-Haul truck that I rented for the move, so the owner drove the truck for me and helped me put gas into it after the move. The owner and his employee did a great job puzzle-piecing all of my furniture and other belongings into two pod containers. It was a miracle that they got everything to fit into the two containers! Very hard workers. Reasonable prices.

Had a great experience with this company. They kept true to word about cost for move ($60/hour; minimum two hours + $15 fee). I paid $135 for move + tip. Moved me out of a one bedroom and had no issues navigating tough stairwell @ apartment building. Would recommend for anyone trying to make a quick, affordable, and timely move.

I called A-1 Movers Christiansburg, VA claiming to be a 5 star moving service ( absolutely not true) to get a quote of what their rates would be to do a move for me. The office girl told me 2 men for $60 and that was for a 2 hour minimum and after that it was $30 per hour for the two men. I asked her to please clarify that it was $30 per hour for both guys and not just one of them and she said yes. So I scheduled a job with them. The job should have cost me $180 given the time it took these two guys but instead they told me it was going to cost $370.00 The bait and switch done by their boss shocked me as I was not prepared to spend this kind of money for a local move. I never would have hired guys at $30 per hour each, that is way too high for this area for a small local move. I did not want to pay them this high rate but the owner screamed at me over the phone and intimidated me and said they were calling the police. When the very unprofessional owner arrived at the Kroger parking lot, he was screaming at me and very aggressive with me. He charged at me more than once and I am a retired senior citizen. Had the police officer not been there I am certain I could have come to some serious physical harm. The police officer had to tell him to step back at least 4 times and he was still trying to charge at me even after the warnings calling me a liar. The Christiansburg police officer who could see that I had been a victim of a bait and switch and gave me advice on what to do. BUYER BEWARE A-1 MOVING SERVICE IN CHRISTIANSBURG VA IS NOT HONEST!!! NOT PROFESSIONAL. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE REVIEWS, MOST LIKELY FILTERED BY THEM SO THEY LOOK GOOD WHEN THEY ARE NOT. WANTS CASH ONLY! Will not provide a contract disclosing their rates and makes you sign a waiver giving up all your rights. WILL NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS OR CHECKS.

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