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Aggie Movers Co. (@AggieMoversCo) | Twitter
105 Southland St
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 764-2928

These guys saved our move! We were moving north to a new home in Arlington and were on a tight schedule to complete our entire move in one day. We had booked some loading help through a certain orange truck rental company but on the day of our move they were a no-show. I began calling around BCS and eventually talked to Wailan from Aggie Movers. He was able to get his guys out to us in 30 minutes, and they did a fantastic job at a reasonable price. We were back on track and made it to our new home with time to spare. Thanks Wailan and thanks to the crew at Aggie Movers!

Terrible company DONT USE THEM they are rip offs. Just spoke on the phone, the guy acted like he was some bigshot and would quote me based on exact furniture I had, if I had more boxes he would charge me more LOL! In the end, the quote he gave me totaled to $125/hour, what am I hiring? business executives? There are better companies out there, don't spend your money here.

We hired Aggie movers to move our things from College Station to Houston. The movers arrived 3-4 hours later than initially quoted, but when calling them to check they informed us that we were wrong. The two men were irritated from the moment they stepped foot in my place until they finished the job, despite being very specific when we booked about what furniture items we had to move and what floors our places were on (first and second floor, so only one flight of stairs anyway!). They ignored the covers I bought for my furniture and loaded my off-white couch into the truck without any protection, shrink wrap, blankets, etc. I had to ask them to cover it!! Upon arriving in Houston they gave us more attitude about having to unload furniture and boxes. They ignored box labels and left several boxes that were to be placed on the second floor on the first floor. Some of the boxes were also torn up. I understand that moving isn't fun or enjoyable - that's why I hired and PAID for a moving service. I was highly unimpressed with the customer service we received and would not recommend using Aggie Movers unless you want to feel like you're asking them for a favor to do their job.

Absolute worst business I have ever experienced. The staff is friendly and helpful until they completely lie about the price and then up charge you 200 dollars. There is absolutely no professionalism in this company and they are very likely to spot weakness and take advantage of you especially if you are college aged females. Lack of communication within the company, absolute lack of respect, and scam artist at best.

Had an emergency move due to mold in my Aggie's apartment. I needed these guys the very next morning. They gave me a fantastic price & were extremely friendly. I really appreciate them helping out in a pinch!

The owner did not follow through on his promise to get me a written estimate as requested, even after assuring me that they could comfortably work within my date range limitations. Instead, it has been over 10 days and several emails later, and I still have no estimate despite promises to have it done in 1-2 hours about 7 days ago. My final request for the estimate two days ago has been ignored. They may be a great company once they have your money, but it's hard to be anything but disappointed at this point.

I've never been treated so rudely in my life. The movers showed up 45 minutes late, and 10 minutes into it they stated that their quote would be higher due to bringing a 3rd guy to help, which I never requested. I asked to speak to someone about it, especially seeing that they were so late. They called the owner at the office and I have never been spoken to so rudely. He stated that "you go to the doctor and have to wait there, so why was it a problem that the guys were late? Sometimes you just have to wait".. Then he stated that since I was a woman he knew I wouldn't understand his point and that I was just trying to get free labor. No apology for their tardiness, blunt yelling at me for not agreeing to pay the higher rate and direct insults because I'm a woman. I would NEVER recommend this company. The workers were very polite, it's really too bad they work for someone so incompetent and rude. I dismissed the crew immediately after I hung up the phone and from there had no moving company to help us finish loading. Worst experience ever.

This was the first time I've ever used a moving company. The price was reasonable for an out-of-city move. Wailan was easy to get in touch with and very friendly. The movers were quick with loading and unloading, and they even arrived one hour earlier than expected for pick-up (which was a nice surprise). I only had one complaint - I was told that the truck would arrive at my new place by 7pm that evening; however, the truck did not arrive until 2am the following day. I had to contact the movers (they did not call me) to find out where they were, as I got no indication that they would be late. I would have appreciated a phone call at least. Apart from that, everything else went great and according to plan.

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