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moving truck rentalMoving out of state on a tight budget can seem overwhelming…impossible even! I know how it goes…believe me. Lucky for you I happen to have a lot of experience moving people state-to-state and I continually update this post to help people just like you everyday! You are not alone and this will not be the end of the world (unless the aliens are landing)! This post will show you the cheap ways to move out of state along with the information you need to make your decision. Learn the pros and cons associated with each moving method and rest easy knowing you are making the right choice for your budget.

Your First Step Is To Downsize As Much As Possible!

portable moving containerBefore you decide how you are going to move, you need to decide what you are going to move. It should come as no surprise that the more stuff you need to move, the higher the cost is going to be to get it done. Remember that almost all of your moving costs, no matter the method, will be determined based on the size and distance of your move. Since you don’t have control over the distance, you will need to take as much control over the size as possible in order to make your move cheaper.

If you are not attached to your bulky furniture, large electronics, etc and can manage to fit your move into a few boxes, you can open up out of state moving options that will cost less than $100! (See Bus/Train section below for more information about moving with no furniture)

Next Step Is To Get Free Out Of State Moving Quotes

Now I know you might be thinking something like “I can’t afford to hire movers that’s why I’m here!” but just hear me out for a second. By taking 30 seconds to fill out our quick form, you can find the cheapest rates available from interstate movers. The system will scan our extensive network of nationwide, regional, state and local movers to match you with up to 6 of the most qualified companies for the job.

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