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When moving long distance, it’s important to find movers that are both reliable and affordable. U-Pack is both. You save money by loading and unloading, and we take care of the driving. It’s the best alternative to hiring pricey full-service movers or driving an unfamiliar moving truck across the country. Simply, U-Pack makes moving easy on you and your budget.

How U-Pack Compares to Other Movers

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Get your belongings faster

Many full-service movers take 2-3 weeks for delivery. That may mean extended hotel stays, more meals on the road, and more money out of your pocket. U-Pack can do it faster! Thanks to our efficient transportation network, we can move you virtually anywhere in the U.S. within 2-5 business days. And when you need to know the exact day of delivery, ask a moving consultant how to add U-Pack Guaranteed – it turns the estimated delivery time into a guarantee.

No down-payment or deposit

Compare movers and you’ll find that most require payment before moving day. Not U-Pack! You won’t pay a thing until after you load your belongings and you know exactly how much space you use.

More peace of mind

When you move with U-Pack, your belongings aren’t co-mingled with other household shipments or transferred at any point during the move. You may find that with full-service moving companies, your belongings are intermingled with others’ or transferred to another van during the move.

No in-home estimate

Instead of inviting strangers into your home as you would to get a quote with most full-service movers, you can easily estimate the linear footage or number of ReloCubes you need with U-Pack. Simply use one of our online space estimators, or call a helpful moving consultant.

You don’t have to drive

Moving is so much easier when you can make the trip in the comfort of your own vehicle and not behind the wheel of a rental. With U-Pack, we’ll deliver a moving trailer or ReloCube right to your door. After you load it, we’ll pick it up and deliver it to your new home. It’s convenient, easy, and the best part? No driving required!

The space you need is always available

Take control of your move by paying only for the space you use. Let’s say you reserve 18 linear feet of the trailer, but on moving day, you load efficiently and fit everything into just 16 feet. Simply subtract the per-foot adjustment rate included on your reservation and pay for only 16 feet. Or, let’s say you reserve three ReloCubes, but end up fitting everything into two. You guessed it – you don’t have to pay for the Cube™ you don’t use. It’s flexibility like this that makes U-Pack one of the most affordable movers available.

More Reasons to Choose U-Pack

Beyond low prices and the advantages over full-service and truck rental, U-Pack offers its customers a better moving experience all-around.

Excellent customer service

We’re committed to providing the type of customer service you expect and deserve. Our moving consultants are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. As you plan your move, they’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure it all goes as planned. You won’t get this type of service anywhere else!

Safety on the road

ABF Freight℠, the primary transportation provider for U-Pack, has a reputation for safety. As the only seven-time winner of the ATA President’s Trophy for Safety, your belongings will be in good hands as they travel across the country.

Experience in moving

Since 1997, U-Pack has moved over 850, 000 shipments over 1.1 billion miles. With experience like that, you can trust U-Pack to take care of your items no matter how far they’re going.

A reputable service

U-Pack has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and recently received the 2015 Arkansas BBB Torch Award for Ethics. You’ll also find rave reviews online from customers who moved with us in the past.

Reliable and Affordable – The Perfect Combination

There’s no question that getting a cheap moving rate is a great goal, but not at the expense of a poor moving experience. It’s important to take the steps to ensure the cheap moving company you choose is also reputable and reliable; after all, it isn’t just price that’s important – it’s what you get for the price, too. We think you’ll find U-Pack to be one of the most reliable movers in the industry (and one of the most affordable, too).

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