Corporate moving companies

Corporate Moving Service
  • Comprehensive office relocation services
  • Move any size office on time, within budget
  • No move is too complex for the JPG crew

Corporate moving in Chicago is a complex process of interdependent functions. Communications between information services, telecom, space planners, project managers, furniture installers and the moving company is critical to a positive outcome.

The ability to organize these functions and work within established customer preferences such as labeling choices, timing issues, labor support, computer installations as well as crate systems vs. corrugated systems is what sets The J.P. Graham Co. and Associates, Inc. apart from other corporate moving companies.

If your business is relocating to a new office, be sure to contact our industry leading commercial moving company. We will assist you with the entire moving process, from securely packaging your equipment to safely transporting it to the new location. For years, we have helped businesses of all sizes and across all industries relocate successfully on time and within budget.

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