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Arthur Chipman left the farms of Iowa on a train in 1935, headed for San Francisco, lured by the opportunity for a better life and better pay. Shortly after arriving in San Francisco, Arthur landed a job at Mare Island, the largest naval base West of the Mississippi. At Mare Island, Arthur had a steady job painting submarines. Ever the entrepreneur, and always ambitious, at night, Arthur moved military service members around the barracks with an old pick up truck. After a few years, Arthur’s night job became more profitable than his day job painting submarines. And, thus, Chipman Moving & Storage was born in Vallejo, California in 1939. And, Chipman’s first client was the military, as Mare Island’s preferred mover.

Arthur was gifted entrepreneur, and under his guidance, Chipman began to grow and expand. In 1946, Chipman joined Mayflower Transit because the idea of being part of an agency-owned Van Line appealed to Arthur. The agent-owned structure provides agents like Chipman control over the direction of the Van Line.

Over the next four decades, the Chipman family expanded along with the business. Arthur and his wife, Dorothy, raised five children. As they grew up, all five of the children worked at Chipman in some regard, either on the trucks or in the office.

In 1970, two of Arthur’s sons, John and Tom, took over the top positions in the company. John was named President and Tom was named Executive Vice President. Arthur became Chairman of the Chipman Board. Chipman expanded for the first time in 1970 when it opened its second office in Spokane, WA. Over the next four decades, Chipman expanded into Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and, most recently, San Diego.

As Chipman has grown, it has also expanded service offerings. A long way from hauling household goods across the Mare Island Naval Base, Chipman’s non-household goods division(s) account for 65% of the Company’s revenue. Chipman’s service offerings include a full suite of workplace services, warehousing and distribution solutions, as well international freight forwarding. Today, the Chipman team continues to uphold Arthur’s founding code of ethics, and thanks to that, has grown into one of the most respected moving companies in the nation.

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