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Government Services
District Moving Companies, Inc. has over 50 years of experience moving and storing items for our service members as well as entire government agencies. As a certified SDDC NTS, and DP3 provider we have moved thousands of households for the men and women in our U.S military and federal government.

District also is an authorized GSA contractor providing a wide range of services to several Government agencies. Whether you’re rearranging a couple cubicles, or an entire agency District can handle your move on time and on budget.

GSA Schedules:

GSA 48 Office Relocation

Pre-move planning
Relocation plan designing
Providing packaging materials
Loading/unloading, delivery and setup

GSA 71 II K Comprehensive Furniture Management Services

Plan and manage major office upgrades or moves

Learn more about our Government moving services by requesting an estimate.

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Benefits Our Customers
District Moving Companies, Inc. has
invested in Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) technology in order to better serve
the needs of our customers. There are
many benefits to this exciting new
technology. Our system uses a handheld
RFID reader and RFID enabled tags.
Each tag contains a radio chip which...
Why AMSA? District Moving Companies, Inc. is proud to
be a member of the American Moving and
Storage Association (AMSA). The AMSA is
a national trade association headquartered
in Alexandria, VA. Their mission is to
represent the interest of the domestic and
international moving and storage industry
and to help the customers it serves. As a
certified ProMover, District Moving...
Employee Office
Moving Instructions
This post comes from our friends at
American Moving and Storage Association.
Two weeks prior to the move we will have a
clean up and out campaign. The janitorial
staff will arrange for large wastebaskets to
be placed in central locations in each
department on (date) for all
non-confidential materials to be disposed...

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