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Moving: How to Avoid Being Scammed by Moving Companies
Interstate move from California to Oregon

We hired Full House Movers based on our conversation with "Heidi" their salesperson. She said they were the best company, with a great BBB rating (complete lie), that they packed, and moved the whole house!

1) They didn't pack the whole house, they left much in the house that they either didn't see, didn't look for or decided not to pack.

2) They loaded the truck, then couldn't fit much of our stuff so they just left it unpacked.

3) They charged us nearly double their estimate, but didn't negotiate that or even give us a choice after loading the truck.

4) THey broke our art, our sleep number bed, our flat screen TV and many other items.

5) when they arrived at our destination in Bend Oregon they refused to chain the truck (in 12" of snow) and couldn't get up the driveway. They then started walking our precious items including a full sized grand piano and since they only had 2 guys on the destination end they couldn't lift it up the one flight of stairs which we fully disclosed they would be needing to do and were told it wasn't a problem.

6) We then sent them our complaint and they refused to address it.

7) We have filed an insurance claim and the insurance is just as hard to deal with as the movers.

They are NOT family owned, they do not keep their commitments and they spoiled what could have been a normal move and turned it in to a nightmare.

I have testified 7 times before Congress as a consumer advocate and have been a real estate broker for 27 years and have never witnessed such callous disregard in my life.

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