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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THIS COMPANY GETS ZERO STARS BUT THIS SITE MAKES ME RATE SO REALLY I SAY ZERO I give this company zero stars. I wish I had seen these reviews before I used this company. I moved from TN to AZ on June 29, 2015.The company was suppose to pick up my stuff between June 26- June 28. I get a call and I was told if I could change my date for pick up to June 29 because one of the movers couldn't get a babysitter for his kid, or if not they would be there at 10 pm. So of I said sure cause I did not want to be moving at 10 pm at night. So they came at 6;30 am Mon. and started moving well right off they broke the leg off my couch, and they tried to take apart an very old metal cabinet which I knew they could take apart cause the paint has sealed all the screws. I am wondering what this looks like now. So every thing is moved and I told them they could drop my stuff off on July 2 cause it was a two day drive for me, well that has not happen. The company was suppose to deliver on July 2, 2015, here it is August 4, 2015 and I still do not have my things. I call the company multiple time they say my stuff is in Kentucky but I have no idea where in Kentucky. Supposedly the customer service department can only email the dispatcher manager and the dispatcher manager is to lazy to respond, cause I never get a reply. The only thing I know is that since my load wasn't a full load and they currently do not have anyone coming this way they will hang on to my stuff until they get the full load. Oh yea I get compensated for my time let see it may be 9.00 a day or maybe 25.00 a day that my stuff isn't here. Honestly that little amount doesn't mean a hill of beans to me cause having only a few clothes i brought with me in my car and a few things I brought this company is horrible. I have filed a report with BBB and the company but nothing has happen. It has been 24 business days and 32 regular day. No one is helpful in this company and honestly NO ONE CARES in this company. This company is horrible DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

Technically they don't even deserve a star waited a full month to receive our things and things came back broken !! Very important things that I wrote big AND BOLD FRAGILE ! When they finally reached a month later unloaded the wrong stuff they charged us almost 2, 000 to put our stuff in the garage because he said we would have to pay more to bring it up stairs !!! I have moved plenty of times this is by far the very worse most in organized irresponsible movers I have ever moved with #NEVERAGAIN ! Do not waiste your time oh && thanks for breaking my things ;) garbage company

Well it's been 27 days since they loaded up my belongings and we still have not received it. I get absolutely no answers when I call no matter what questions I ask. I threatened to bring the sheriff and they still will not tell me the location of my property. They just keep telling me they have more days to deliver. I have filed a complaint with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - next step is contacting the Attorney General if I do not have my furniture next week. 07/27/15:::Well if all goes well our stuff should finally arrive today. They called last night and said it is scheduled to be delivered between 10am-Noon today. Praying! Got it today and appears to be all in tact.

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