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The 20 Most Popular Long Distance Moves of 2016 - SpareFoot Blog

When it comes time to move, choosing a date is important. The busiest moving days in the United States are typically May 30 through June 1. This is not surprising since these dates fall during the peak moving season of May through September. People sometimes advise avoiding these moving dates. If you have the flexibility this is probably a good idea, but you should keep other considerations in mind. Just as there are peak months to move, some days of the week are more popular than others.

Fridays were the most popular day to move this past year. And this was no anomaly of 2016. Moving trends show that Fridays have consistently been the day of choice to move. There might be a few reasons for this. For instance, it might be that people want to start off their weekend in their new home. It might also be easier to get time off on a Friday versus in the middle of the week. Or a Friday move could give you the rest of the weekend to leisurely unpack. This could help in reducing stress since you won’t have to return to work the next day. Saturday and Monday are the next most popular days of the week to move. On the other end of the spectrum, Sunday and Tuesday are the least popular moving days.

While there are plenty of reasons people might choose a Friday move, there are reasons you might try to avoid relocating on a Friday. Since so many people choose to move on Fridays, it may be a challenge to find a mover or book an elevator if moving to an apartment. Just as people might advise you to avoid moving in June, they might warn you against a Friday or Saturday move. If you have the ability to avoid the busiest weekdays to move, you might have an easier time securing a mover and face less traffic on your way to your new home. Flexibility is not a luxury that every person moving has though. Busy schedules and family needs might take precedence in choosing a moving date. But for those with more freedom, it can be worth while to move earlier or in the middle of the week.

Your schedule will ultimately determine the best day to move for you. You might have strict constraints that require you to move on the first Friday in June. This is ok. You may have many others moving with you, but if you plan ahead you will find the right mover to get you to your new home. Peak months and days are popular for a reason. They typically meet the needs of most people. But if you are looking for a little less traffic or some easy finding a mover, picking a less popular day or month to move might be best for you.

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