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Whether you are moving a single room or a whole house, moving can pose many challenges. It’s important for your belongings to arrive on-time and unharmed. There are several options for moving and storage, such as renting a truck and moving yourself or hiring movers that can pack, load and move your belongings. But, another option that’s growing in popularity is using moving containers that you can pack yourself, on your schedule. Container moving is convenient and secure. You pack it, so you can make sure your items are loaded you the way you want them. You put your lock on it, so only you have access. When you’re ready, the company picks it up so you don’t have to drive it yourself. Three of the popular companies for moving containers are SmartBox, PODS® and United Mayflower.

Portable Storage Containers: What to Look For

Size & Weight
Depending on the number of rooms and the amount of items you have, there are several travel pod size options. Typical sizes are 5 feet x 7 feet x 8 feet for one room, 8 feet x 8 feet x 12 feet for about 1, 200 square feet, and 8 feet x 8 feet x 16 feet, which holds about 1, 500 square feet. The different options allows you to have the space you need for your move. There are weight limits to each size that will accommodate most people’s goods but may not be enough for items that are exceptionally heavy. Some container providers have tools on their website to help you estimate the space you’ll need.

Services & Costs
Costs vary depending the size of container you need. There is also flexible pricing on the amount of time you’ll require to pack up your moving container. There may be other options, such as moving your container yourself or having multiple boxes moved at once. You may also want to check out other choices, such as cargo protection insurance and shipment-tracking services.

Container Construction Materials
Moving containers may be made of different materials, including wood, aluminum and steel. Some containers have raised floors or skids to make sure your belongings stay dry in the event that water gets in. Even the containers made of wood usually come with some kind of waterproof cover to keep your items dry. But, you will have to decide your level of comfort with the materials used for each container.

Understanding the amount of space you get with each container is important in making sure you can accommodate all of your belongings. If you need extra time to pack your things, you want to find a company that offers a generous amount of time at a minimal cost. Having the time you need and the control over how your belongings are packed make it worth taking a look into shipping with moving containers.

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