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If you decide to hire professionals for any stage of the move, be diligent in your search. Check Angie’s List to find highly rated moving companies in your area. Make sure your movers are licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or, if applicable, with your state government.

For interstate moves, the FMCSA legally requires moving companies to obtain licensing and display their U.S. Department of Transportation number in any advertising, provide arbitration if consumer complaints can’t be resolved amicably, inform homeowners of their rights and furnish an accurate summary of their complaint handling procedures, including a phone number.

Get bids from at least three different companies to help make sure you are getting the best price, but know that saving money isn't everything. Most moving companies will provide a binding or nonbinding estimate.

A binding estimate is a written agreement made in advance with your mover that clearly describes all services provided. It guarantees the total cost of the move based on the quantities and services written in the estimate.

A nonbinding estimate is what the mover believes the cost will be based upon the estimated weight of the shipment and additional services required. However, the final charges are based on the actual weight of your shipment, and the services provided by the movers.

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