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Household moving is viewed as an important step in one’s life – a huge project that is capable of changing people’s lives forever. We, at Xpress Movers, understand how stressful and emotional a house move can get, so we do our best to lessen the relocation stress and burden for our customers, while also offering the flexibility to fit their budget and schedule.

If you happen to live somewhere along the East Coast and plan to move house soon, then you have little to worry about as we are a premier moving company with many local offices located on the East Coast. Thanks to our professional dedication, years of experience and great customer satisfaction, we are continuously rated as one of the best east coast moving companies on the market today. We take great pride in our fast and reliable moving services with the ultimate guarantee that that your move on the East Coast will be as smooth and fast as possible.

High Quality East Coast Moving Services

As an east coast moving company you can fully trust with your prized belongings, there are a number of key areas where we excel:

  • Experience. We’ve been in the relocation business long enough to know how to deliver an irresistible combination of excellent east coast moving services and affordable prices. Our movers have been rigorously trained to use only the most effective moving techniques. Add skilled packers who come with packing know-how and packing supplies of the highest quality, and you will see why Xpress Movers’ complete relocation package of multiple moving services is becoming more and more popular among East Coast residents and families.
  • Equipment. Using the right moving equipment during a house move is important in order to get the job done faster and safer. Moving from one home to another is never an easy thing to do, and your mind might have troubles accepting the inevitable change that is about to occur pretty soon. In addition to supplying the required packing materials (if packing is requested), bringing furniture dollies, moving straps, furniture blankets, furniture sliders and of course – the moving truck of the right size, will facilitate your moving adventure along the east coast.
  • Services. One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is the wide range of east coast services that we offer. Besides the complete packing solutions, we also provide temporary storage of your belongings, disassembly and re-assembly of large furniture pieces, unpacking upon arrival, plus removal of all excess packaging materials. To make your east coast move even easier, we will be happy to provide individual relocation solutions, such as hoisting oversized furniture through windows and moving special items such as pianos, pool tables and hot tubs.

Affordable East Coast House Movers

As one of the best east coast movers out there, we offe east coast movers r great moving services at genuinely affordable prices. To see that affordability for yourself, simply fill out the FREE moving quote form at the top of the page to initiate the quick moving cost calculation process. We do understand that our great moving services will need to go hand in hand with lower prices in order to please our thousands of happy customers each year.

You’ll be glad to learn that your search for east coast furniture movers you can trust is now over. In reality, regardless of whether you’re moving along the east coast or you’re moving to the west coast from the east coast, Xpress Movers can still be your reliable partner as we’re also a licensed and insured national moving company that specializes in cross country moves.

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