Moving companies in south florida

What you should look for when researching moving companies in South FloridaMoving home in and around South Florida? Unless you live in a small apartment, it’s always best to get help from a professional removal company to ensure a stress-free experience. While packing up and transporting your personal belongings may not sound like a difficult task, there is an art to carefully planning and completing a successful move.

Check their insurance details

You’re likely to own some high-value possessions. Whether you’re moving down the road or to a different state, any reputable moving firm will provide you with moving insurance against breakages or loss of your items while in transit. Find out what their insurance covers before making a booking. You can also contact your home contents insurer to see if you’re covered during the switch.

Uniformed staff

Any professional removal company that offers high-quality moving services will provide you with uniformed staff. Not only do uniforms make it easier for you to identify your team of movers when they arrive, but they also give you more confidence in the moving firm you’ve hired. Movers that take pride in their appearance also take pride in their work and taking good care of your possessions.

Personal service

When you contact a removal company, it is their job to make you feel you can trust them with all your worldly belongings. Was your first contact with them friendly? Did they make you feel at ease by offering a tailored moving service to suit your needs? Moving home can be trying, so choose movers that take a personal approach to reducing stress levels on moving day.

Get some feedback

One of the best ways to ensure you’ve chosen the right removal company is from a recommendation from a family member or friend. However, getting feedback from someone you know isn’t always possible, so check reviews online from previous customers. Feedback from other customers can help you feel assured that the moving firm you hire will provide a great service.

Ask for a survey

Always invite a moving firm to visit your home to carry out a survey before you commit to the job. Moving home can be expensive, so make sure you opt for a removal company that will visit your house free of charge. A survey will also ensure a smoother and quicker house move, as skilled movers can investigate and assess any issues with your property and access at the same time.

Request a free estimate

Discuss pricing early on so that you can budget your move effectively. Be honest about how many possessions you plan to move. Otherwise, you could find the original estimate is increased. Ask about any additional moving services they offer, such as packing and storage, and remember to only get an estimate from a moving firm in South Florida that is happy to provide it free of charge.

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