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NO STARS! We researched the company before-hand and did see that it was a broker, but we never imagined that a reputable company would endanger their reputation by subcontracting to the absolute garbage we ended up with. For starters, our quote for a 3 bedroom house was about $5K total for a move from Miami (Fl) to San Antonio (TX). It included taking apart two beds, packing and wrapping some items, and was detailed as "binding". We paid them a deposit of $1720.64 (which was Long Distance Movers' brokerage fee by the way) a month in advance. We removed items from the quote before the move date as we ended up selling our son's entire bedroom set, a 125 gallon fish tank, and various other pieces of furniture. A day before the move date, I tried contacting Long Distance Movers customer service to get a pickup time, advising them that I had a disabled 6yr old in a wheelchair that would be waiting with me. They gave me an estimated pickup time of 10AM. The movers did not show up until 2:30 in the afternoon, despite spending HOURS calling me multiple times to tell me they were in traffic less than 45 minutes away (there were no traffic incidents that day as we were constantly checking). When the moving company finally showed up, they had a rented Penske truck with no identifying lettering or numbers other than the Penske logo. They also already had other items on their truck. When the representative of the company they sent, Simplify Moving from Asheville, NC (which doesn't exist), looked at my items, our estimate soon became $9K. He refused to touch anything until I agreed to the new amount AND paid $3194.08 immediately, even hanging up the phone on my husband and stating to me, "I don't work for you; you didn't hire me; call the broker." The weight ticket they forced me to sign was not an original copy and had hand-written details like the weigh date and weight amounts, in addition to the digitally generated ones that are automatically issued upon weighing. When we called Long Distance Movers, they just kept passing us from agent to agent, ultimately giving us another number to call (National Moving Group), which no one ever answered. They listed every single item on the manifest as "scratched, " even though they weren't and we have pictures to the effect. During the loading process, they asked me for food and drinks, and took multiple "breaks" in their truck's cabin to SMOKE MARIJUANA. At their first break, my 13 yr old son came to me to tell me that "something smelled weird, " to which I discovered them doing their illegal drugs on my property. It took them 6 hours to load the truck. They did not take apart the beds, telling me that I had to do it if I wanted them on the truck. They did not wrap the items we had already paid them to wrap. Actually, they didnt take the items. They left both of our couches, the items that were supposed to be wrapped (a curio cabinet and its contents, multiple TVs), an armoire, our dining room table (although they took the chairs), multiple bookshelves, multiple tool cabinets, two chests, our dresser, our bikes, a desk, and a bean bag. All they took was a QN headboard/footboard (metal, not bulky, no box spring even though they listed it on their manifest), my daughters' headboard/footboard and trundle, one QN mattress, two twin mattresses, one armoire, three 2-drawer kids' filing cabinets from Ikea, my daughter's wheelchair, and 76 18 gallon bins. When we contacted Long Distance Movers, they washed their hands clean of the issue stating that we had overage that was not calculated and would have to send another company to pick that up (which cost us an additional $1350 to a THIRD company). The driver of the "Simplify Moving" truck gave me his cell phone to "call with any questions" and advised they would arrive in TX the following day, Friday. When we called them, they never answered. They didnt show up until Sunday! And of course they wouldn't remove my items without an additional $3194.08. The movers then asked for more food and drinks. They refused to take any items upstairs, despite our estimate stating that stairs within the home were included. Multiple items were damaged, including the walls of the rented home as they banged things in an out. To add insult to injury, they had the audacity to ask for a tip! We were never given any documentation- not the weight tickets or anything that I had been forced to sign. We actually had to hound customer service at Long Distance Movers for the papers because we couldn't file a damage claim for all the damages without them. We tried finding Simplify Moving of Asheville, but no such company exists. There's a company called Moving Simplified, but I can't imagine a company in business for "over 23 years, " as the driver stated, can't remember its name. It took Liz at Long Distance Movers almost a week to email the items to us. When we requested a copy of the original weight ticket before my signature- specifically noting that the ticket looked falsified, we never got a response. We're actually still waiting for her to send that. I ended up doing the legwork myself by calling the scale location listed on my weight ticket. Lo-and-behold, the scale owner verified that yes, it was their scale number listed on the document, but the ticket number does not correspond with the sequence of numbers for the weigh date listed on my ticket- it's not even close, and they do not write anything manually on their tickets other than the signature of the scale operator. She took it one step further and gave me the CAT Scale...

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