Moving companies Price comparison

Compare Moving Companies: Get The Best Moving Rates

Listed below is the information that you will need if you wish to make a true comparison between our service and other services.

Rental Trucks

  1. Cubic feet vs. linear feet. Usually, our trucks are a lot higher and wider than the rental trucks. For example, one of our competitors uses 10 foot rental trucks which hold approximately 368 cubic feet, this is about the same as 5 feet in our trucks.
  2. Be sure to calculate the cost of gas, tolls, taxes, insurance, etc with the rental truck – Help-U-Move’s price includes the gas, tolls, taxes, insurance, the truck and the professional driver.
  3. How old is the rental truck. Older trucks may be prone to mechanical failure and breakdown.
  4. Time – How much longer will the trip take you in a rental truck vs. driving your own car or flying?
  5. Safety – If you are considering renting a truck make sure you consider the following:We only use experienced drivers (primarily union teamsters) that are familiar with driving a big truck in all types of weather. These are professional drivers familiar with the roads, the truck, and practice safe driving for a living. Driving an unfamiliar vehicle on unfamiliar terrain can be tiring, as well as dangerous so consider your safety when moving.

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