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Any move that covers a distance of 50 or fewer miles, is categorized as "local moving." A full-service move can include boxing or packing up a home, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking. Simple moving services might just be helping someone unload a truckful of items into a storage unit.

Rooms in house

In general, the larger the house, the higher the moving cost. Seasoned movers can provide an estimate for moving costs based on the number and type of rooms in a house, although estimates may increase based on the number of boxes and other variables.


Full-service moving includes a moving truck and moving boxes, labor for packing household items into boxes, loading boxes into the moving truck, driving boxes and furniture to the new location, and unloading boxes into the new home. Unpacking items from boxes in the new home is generally not included and can count as an additional cost. Here are examples of costs for a standard move and a full-service move from Texas Elite Moving:

  • Full-service on a three-bedroom house: Three people packing for approximately four hours and five or six hours of loading, moving and unloading time = $1, 000–$1, 500
  • Standard moving service on a three-bedroom house: Three people and five or six hours of loading, moving and unloading time = $500–$1, 000


Stairs at the initial move site or the new destination can increase moving costs because they require more work for movers and present more possibility of injury or damage.


When movers are hired solely to assist with packing, loading and unpacking, the costs will be less than if a moving truck is also requested.

Specialty moving

Moving specialty items such as pianos and billiards tables, disassembling and reassembling furniture, and moving heavy items are auxiliary tasks that require extra work and may increase the cost of local moving.


Travel may impact the price for local moving costs. Some companies don’t charge mileage unless the distance is over 50 miles, while others do. Confirm the specifics of how distance is handled in the contract before signing. For example, Texas Elite Moving’s base local moving fee is $100 per hour, and the company does not charge for mileage if the distance covered is under 50 miles. Once the 50 mile mark is reached, however, a mileage fee kicks in.

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