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Review of the Best Calgary Movers and Moving Companies in Calgary

Phone quotes typically take about 10 minutes — but one call with a particularly pushy salesman lasted 23, and it was one of the worst. Long Distance Van Lines had zero hold time. Rich, the manager, answered the phone and quickly forwarded us to the salesman, Joe, who would facilitate the estimate.

Joe was a talker, a solid pitchman for the company. When you call a company, the operator will want to know some basic info first: Are you planning on crossing state lines? Are you moving a studio, two-bedroom apartment, or four-bedroom house? What are your origin and destination ZIP codes? When are you moving? Joe took one extra step: He made us list all of the large and small furniture in our hypothetical home.

We told Joe about the sofa, the kitchen table (and four chairs), the coffee table, two side tables, the TV, three bookshelves, everything — or so we thought. As Joe made very clear, there are a lot of things in an apartment that are easy to forget. He remembered to ask about the kitchen island, vacuum cleaners, office chairs, and even the PlayStation.

But it wasn’t Joe’s quest for details that raised the red flag. Rather, while we made it very clear that this call was simply for a quote, Joe went ahead and began processing paperwork. He transferred us back to Rich, who asked for our credit card information. He wanted us to pay for approximately one-third of the estimated $3, 500 move from New York to Texas today.

“If a company asks for a large deposit, typically anything over $300, you should be concerned. You may be working with a fraudulent moving company that is trying to get a large sum of cash up front to complete the scam. Once your items are loaded on the truck, that’s when the extortion begins, ” says Jeff Walker, president of

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