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Best Moving Companies of 2017 -

Before you actually get on the phone and call prospective movers, gather as much information beforehand from referrals, by visiting their websites, and checking online review sites like Angie's List. Learn about the companies, such as how long they have been in business, and check to see that they're licensed and insured.

Once you've prepared a list of moving companies, consider the following questions before making a hiring decision:

• Does the company subcontract any of their work to other moving services? This is important to know before your precious items are on a truck halfway across the country.

• Do they take extra measures to properly protect fragile items from damage during transit?

• How well-trained are the workers who will be packaging and moving your personal things?

• Do they offer the option of purchasing insurance to cover any potential damage to your things beyond a set amount? Most moving companies offer consumers a choice of options for extra insurance as protection against not only damage, but theft as well.

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